Suppliers Code of Conduct

List of Contents

  • 1. Purpose
  • 2. Scope
  • 3. Regulations and principles
    • 3.1. Human Rights
    • 3.2 Professional Integrity
    • 3.3 Employment conditions
    • 3.4 Equality and non-discrimination
    • 3.5 Product’s quality and safety
    • 3.6 Environmental sustainability
    • 3.7 Health and safety
    • 3.8 Intellectual property
    • 3.9 Data privacy
  • 4. Bribery and corruption
  • 5. Breach communication

1. Purpose

The GB FOODS suppliers Code (hereinafter, the “Code”) contains all the essential principles and values that must rule and inspire the relationship established between the goods and services suppliers and their outsourced suppliers (hereinafter, “Suppliers”) and the companies and employees that integrate the GB FOODS Group (hereinafter, the “Group”), aligned with the best practice guidelines proposed by the OECD for multinational companies and the Group ethics code.

2. Scope

The scope of this Code comprises all the Group Suppliers. Likewise, this Code applies to all companies’ part of the Group (including subsidiaries) as well as all of its employees (temporaries and permanents).

3. Regulations and principles

The standards of this Code do not substitute, on the contrary they complement, the regulations of any agreement or contract between the Suppliers and the Group. The Group expects the best efforts from the Suppliers to comply with the best practices and the sectorial and international standards. Furthermore, the Supplier shall do all the best to respect the criminal legislation and particularly compliance with the following standards detailed in this Code:

3.1. Human Rights

The Supplier will need, if necessary, to adopt the relevant measures in order to guarantee the respect of Human Rights within its organization, as foreseen in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (in particular the article 23).

3.2. Professional Integrity

Suppliers must operate in an ethical, and honest manner, promoting honesty, equality and integrity. Furthermore, Suppliers shall comply with applicable regulation related to the core aspects of their activity. In case of subcontracting any activity related to the goods or services for the Group, Suppliers will grant the traceability and transparency in the relationship with the subcontractors. Suppliers must not offer, or in any manner promote, a personal or inappropriate advantage banned by the applicable legislation, neither directly nor through intermediaries.

3.3 Employment conditions

Fair treatment: Supplier will offer its employees fair and just employment conditions related to different areas.
Underage employment: Persons under legal age to work shall not be employed at night or in hazardous conditions.
Working environment: Suppliers will provide their employees with a healthy and safe working environment.
Anti-Harassment and abuse: Supplier shall commit to a workplace free of harassment and abuse. Supplier shall not threaten workers with harsh or inhumane actions.
Furthermore, premises will be preserved according to the legal and regulatory relevant standards.

3.4 Equality and non-discrimination

Supplier must treat its employees with dignity, respect and integrity. Supplier cannot use, as from the hiring process, discriminatory practices or decisions based on the grounds of race, religion, sex, age, physical aptitude, national origin, sexual orientation, political affiliation, trade-union membership, medical tests or civil status.

3.5 Product’s quality and safety

Suppliers warrant that all products supplied to the Group will comply with the applicable regulations and legislation related to food quality and safety and necessary permits. Suppliers must immediately inform to the Group about any information or suspicion related to food safety.

A quality and food safety management system must be held, according to HACCP principles and current legislation. Certification of the management system referred to an Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) recognized certification program will be convenient (

3.6 Environmental sustainability

The Group requires the Supplier to comply with legal requirements related to environmental protection and necessary permits. Supplier will comply with applicable regulations and legislation related to substances, chemical products and dangerous materials, as well as material restrictions and security requirements of the products and equipment. Suppliers will optimize consumption of natural resources, including energy and water and will put their best effort to reduce at the minimum level the production of solid waste, sewage water and gas emissions. An environmental management system will be convenient, like ISO14001 certification or EMAS.

3.7 Health and safety

Worker health, safety and well-being is important to GBfoods. Supplier shall comply with applicable health and safety laws and regulations. Supplier shall provide workers with adequate individual and collective protection measures in order to prevent occupational illnesses and work-related accidents.

The Supplier will be prepared for situations of emergency. This includes procedures of evacuation and notification to workers, drills and emergency training, adequate first aid supplies, appropriate detection and extinction equipment fires and adequate emergency exits.

3.8 Intellectual property

The Supplier will respect the rights of intellectual property. The transfer of technology and knowledge will be performed so that the intellectual property rights are protected.

3.9 Data privacy

In case of GBfoods sharing any personal data during our relationship, the Supplier receiving the information will respect the laws and requirements on data privacy regulation.

4. Bribery and corruption

Supplier will not tolerate, permit or get involved into act of corruption, extortion or bribery related to its business activity, direct or indirectly. Any illegal activity that could be considered as an incentive for a favorable decision will be immediately stopped by the Supplier.

5. Breach communication

Suppliers will communicate any suspicion of breach of regulations, laws or this Code. The Group reserves the right to monitor and verify compliance by its Suppliers with the principles and rules established in this Code. In case of breach by the Supplier of any of the principles or rules contained in this Code, the Group reserves the right to demand the adoption of the necessary corrective measures as well as the exercise of any legal actions that may assist it. Breaches can be informed to the person of contact of the Group or in a confidential way through the following channels:

Ordinary mail: Plaça Europa 42, Gbfoods building, 08902-Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona

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