The GBhood Recipe

At GBfoods, we have four core values composed by a set of behaviours that guide everything we do, from our strategy to our everyday decisions, how we interact with each other, and how we interact with our customers, consumers, and partners. Our unique company culture is the secret recipe that drives our success and binds our community together. It's our way of being and our way of Celebrating Local Flavours. It's our unique DNA, and we call it The GBhood Recipe. We can find GBhood in each of our values. GBhood is the recipe made by all of them. With care. Our recipe book, where authenticity, proximity, ownership, and joy are our key ingredients for succcess.


We stay close and we have alocal mindset

We actively communicate and listen, promoting open dialogues. We go beyond teamwork, caring about our colleagues’ well-being. We care about local customer and consumer needs: making a difference to the communities we belong.


We bring our bestand unique self

We bring our best self to grow our impact. We encourage diversity and inclusion, embracing other people’s ideas. We are transparent, telling things like they are.


We trust and empowerour colleagues

We empower colleagues through inspiration, guidance, and support. We own projects with proactivity and excellence. We behave ethically and responsibly, being mindful on the impact we have on the planet.


We celebrate and show passionin everything we do

We act with enthusiasm and a positive attitude. We show passion for food and local recipes. We celebrate colleagues’ successes (and our own), learning from failures.

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